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Raising a child in Metro Detroit is an exciting thing, due in large part to all the various family events you can enjoy with your kids each week! Thankfully, there is no shortage of family events that can also double as a way to test out ABA therapy skills if any of your children have autism or ASD.


Sometimes, pinpointing the perfect activities for your kids can be hard, especially if you’re new to the area. If you have been here for years but just had children, you, too, might need some tips for the best family-friendly places in Metro Detroit.


You’re in luck because we’ve narrowed down the list, highlighting Novi specifically, so you can make plans to visit some of our favorite places and take part in all the family events going on at them this year. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at seven of our favorite family-friendly places in Novi!


Seven Family-Friendly Places in Novi

Whether it’s a rainy, wet Michigan day or if you’re looking for an outdoor venue where your kids can burn off their seemingly limitless energy in the summer, we’ve got a place for every occasion in Novi!

  1. Emagine Theatre
  2. Putting Edge
  3. Paradise Park
  4. Twelve Oaks Mall
  5. Novi Public Library
  6. Aqua-tots Family Swim School
  7. Novi Ice Arena


  1. Emagine Theatre

There are quite a few things that set Emagine Theatres apart from other movie theatres in the area. This luxury theatre is revolutionizing the way you enjoy your favorite movies. Combining a gourmet snack bar, luxurious recliner seating, in-seat service, and even valet parking, you might forget you’re at a movie theatre and not at a private screening once you sit down! But the best part of the Emagine Theatre experience in Novi is the inclusivity. If you have a child that needs a more sensory-friendly experience, they have a special showing just for them! Make your child’s next movie theatre experience more enjoyable thanks to brighter house lights, a lower movie volume, the ability to get up and move around during the show, and the freedom to bring an allergy-friendly snack if your children have food allergies or restrictions.

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  1. Putting Edge

What kid doesn’t love mini-golf? Combine the fun of a regular mini-golf course with an interactive glow-in-the-dark course, and you have a winner every time! Kids can spend time enjoying some friendly competition, all while learning how to take turns, aim, and keep score! In this unique space with fun lights, colors, and sights, children (and kids at heart) can let their imaginations run wild while doing something far from ordinary! Plus, if playing arcade games is your child’s favorite hobby, there’s even a small arcade they can spend time in, too! Just make sure to secure your reservations in advance to avoid long wait times.


  1. Paradise Park

Looking for a fun location for an upcoming birthday? Paradise Park might be just the ticket. From go-karts, mini-golf, laser tag, a trampoline center, climbing walls, and soccer cages, there truly is something for everyone! The perfect place to spend a rainy day, Paradise Park, offers a little something for everyone, making it ideal for hosting family events.


  1. Twelve Oaks Mall

More than just one of the largest malls in the Metro Detroit area, the Twelve Oaks Mall is an excellent destination for families, too! The Children’s Play Area on the Lower Level in the Sears Court is our favorite part! It’s a great way to let your kids get out some energy during your shopping trip, plus they can interact with other kids at the same time. From climbing structures, tunnels, and interactive elements—there’s something to keep every kid engaged and happy. To ensure a safe and healthy play atmosphere, the foam sculptures are made with antimicrobial materials, too.


  1. Novi Public Library

The Novi Public Library offers plenty of opportunities for family events throughout the week from Lego club to storytime to dramatic playgroup, there is something for every child no matter their age, interests, or abilities! There are even specific storytimes by age-range to better cater to the needs of each child and their caregiver!

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  1. Aqua-Tots Family Swim School

With a variety of swim classes to fit the needs of any child, Aqua-Tots Family Swim School is an excellent idea for those cold winter days in Metro Detroit when you need to get some pent-up energy out, but it’s too cold to head to the park. Plus, your children will learn how to stay safe in the water and gear up for those hot summer months on the horizon! From infant and baby lessons to swim lessons for children with special needs, Aqua-Tots has something for everyone.


  1. Novi Ice Arena

Did you know that ice skating is not only a great cardio workout, but it can also strengthen leg muscles and increase endurance, as well? Planning your family events at the Novi Ice Arena can be an excellent idea, especially if your kids have dreams of being the next Olympic figure skater or the next famous hockey player! From free skates to learn-to-skate classes, your child can work each week to increase essential skills like balance, coordination, and endurance as they learn to ice skate like a professional. If they get comfortable enough on their skates and want to try their hand at hockey, private lessons and instructional programs are available for all skill levels, too.


Proudly Serving Novi, Michigan

Here at Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center, our highly trained team has a dedication to provide families in the Metro Detroit area with early intervention therapies for children with ASD and other special needs. We believe that while a lot of the work happens during your child’s therapy at our clinic, practicing skills and desired behaviors outside of a therapy environment is vital to your child’s success, as well. That’s where sensory-friendly family events in and around Metro Detroit come into play. Contact us today so we can help you find the individualized support you, your child, and your family need!

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