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Finding support and resources in your community is essential as a parent. Building long-lasting relationships and finding others who share your needs, interests, and concerns are just a few of the wonderful benefits of connecting with other families in your area. From therapy services to parenting class searches, we understand how overwhelming it can be sometimes. That’s why we’ve put together this Parenting Resource Guide as a helpful starting point for Detroit-area families.

Early Intervention ABA Therapy and More

Blossom Behavioral is a holistic, all-encompassing center, dedicated to working with young children with special needs and their families. Blossom offers ABA Therapy with a focus on children with autism. Pediatric and family therapies offered include:

  • OT (Occupational Therapy)
  • PT (Physical Therapy)
  • Counseling
  • Parent training

Blossom believes in incorporating ABA Therapy throughout all services offered and strives to make the “Blossom Method” a whole-family experience.

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Local Parenting Support Groups for Children with Autism

Getting involved with a group of parents you can relate to is a wonderful way to create and build your support network. We’ve compiled a list to help you get started here in the metro area:

We’re Expecting!

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family, visit the Detroit Mama Hub for a variety of classes and resources. Connect with other moms with similar needs and interests through:

  • Prenatal yoga
  • Infant feeding support groups
  • Mama and Me classes
  • Mama meetups

Resources at your Fingertips

For an all-inclusive list of family-friendly events, parenting tips, and medical directories, visit Metro Parent. You’ll also find resources for:

  • Camps
  • Education
  • Health warnings
  • Affordable clothing for the family

Detroit Parent Network

DPN is a local network of parents dedicated to helping children succeed and thrive. Education and training are offered in several areas through powerful courses such as:

    • Love and Logic:

      Helping parents teach their children about responsible choices while also determining effective consequences.

    • Parent Leadership Training:

      Empowering and motivating parents while helping them strengthen their communication skills, handle stress, and make a positive impression on their children and in their communities.

The DPN also offers support groups for a variety of families and their specific needs. Among them are:

  • Come Hear Our Stories:

    Support for survivors of various health issues, including diabetes and cancer. This group offers support, awareness, treatment education, and resources.

  • Mommy Support Group:

    Mothers come together to support and encourage mothers in the local Detroit area.

  • Today is the Day:

    Support and resources for LGBTQ parents through a nurturing, inclusive, and safe environment.

  • Men of DPN:

    Guidance and inspiration for fathers in search of support during tough times.

  • Grandparents Parenting Again:

    With a growing number of grandparents raising their grandchildren, this group offers support, resources, and encouragement.

Helping Families in Need

Michigan 2-1-1 offers a site to meet many of your needs from Disaster Services to Financial Assistance. Connecting you to the nearby support you need is what they do best. Find help for your family, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Clothing Vouchers
  • Food and Nutrition Programs
  • Bill Pay Assistance

Our team is here to support you and your family. For more information on our ABA Therapy services or help finding additional resources for your child’s needs, contact us today!

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Life Hacks for Any Parent


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Parenting is a tough but rewarding job. If you’re also a first-time parent or a parent of a child with disabilities, you’ve added on yet another pile of worries and challenges. Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of life hacks from parents who have figured out a thing or two to make life a bit less stressful for the family? We’ve been there and know exactly how it feels when one little tip can feel like it’s taken the weight of the world off your shoulders. No matter where you lie on the parenting experience chart, you’re bound to find a life hack in here that fits one of your needs.

The Need for Order and Being Prepared

Organization can help keep the whole family sane. It seems like there’s a handy little app for just about everything now, and the Cozi Family Scheduling app is one great example used by many parents. Cozi helps keep families organized, in the know, and up to date. When an appointment or task is scheduled on one device, it’s scheduled across all connected devices. It can truly be a lifesaver and reduce stress and miscommunication.

Another great hack we often hear is keeping a family binder in an easily accessible place in your home. Section off your binder for all the things that are important to your family, including financial household goals, school calendars, and to-do lists. Sections in your binder that may be extremely beneficial are:

  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Medical doctors’ information
  • Food or drug allergies
  • Upcoming appointments needed or already scheduled
  • Concerns or questions to ask at upcoming appointments
  • A medical log for reference
  • A diet log
  • Likes or dislikes (particularly helpful for caregivers)

Some families find a color-coding system to be a game-changer. Assigning each child a color helps teach independence when gathering their own cups or towels. It can be a great learning tool for teaching younger children as well as children with disabilities. You may even go as far as color-coding devices and chargers to help cut down on the chaos.

Color-coding school supplies is a time-saver as well — code by day or subject to help your child stay organized.

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Preparing for the Unexpected

Nighttime bed-wetting accidents don’t have to be all that stressful anymore with this helpful tip. Layering your child’s bed with a waterproof mattress pad and fitted sheet followed by a second waterproof mattress pad and sheet can help middle of the night clean-ups be less of a hassle. As groggy as you may be, it’s much easier to peel off the top layers with a fresh set of bedding waiting underneath.

Many families find an emergency to-go bag to be a time saver as well. Stocked full of crayons, snacks, a change of clothes, and a few first aid items, this bag can be particularly useful if a grab-n-go moment arises. Middle of the night trips to the hospital is a perfect example. Keeping one in your car is helpful for those unexpected spills or unscheduled stops.

We’re always searching for new ways to help picky eaters. Parents of children with autism, in particular, can be up against greater challenges when it comes to introducing new foods. Try waiting until dinner time to add a new item to your child. Start the day off with their regular routine and fill their stomachs with a familiar breakfast and lunch. This will help out if dinner brings resistance or tantrums that may throw off the rest of the day’s schedule. There’s always a big win in making it through the first portion of your day!

Hacks You May Not Want to Live Without

Online food shopping with pick-up and delivery options are an amazing alternative for any family. Sometimes life happens, and there just isn’t time to get to the store. With today’s amazing technology and offered services, this option is definitely worth looking into to save time and a little bit of sanity. Shop online when you have the time to build your list and schedule your pick-up or delivery when it’s most convenient for you!

Have you ever seen a stroller cooler? By connecting one to the back of a stroller or wheelchair, you’re able to keep bottles, snacks, or necessary medical items with you at all times without taking up the limited storage space you would normally have.

Helpful Hacks for Sensory Issues

Buying several of the same item, such as a favorite shirt or pair of colored socks, can help cut down on meltdowns often met during dressing. It’s an easy way to save time and stress for the whole family and meet your child’s needs.

Consider keeping a spare noise-canceling headset in your car for any occasion. Noisy areas and loud events can be better navigated when you’re prepared.

Making a large family wall calendar with visual and text flashcards is a fun and useful way for your child to know what to expect for the day. Create cards for what the weather may be, where you may be headed, or what you may be working on for the day. It also gives your family a chance to plan and discuss the upcoming week’s activities.

While some families may use a large whiteboard and laminated, velcroed cards, other families have had great success painting a chalkboard wall. From ABA play therapy to practicing social skills at a playgroup, it’s a creative and useful tool.

ABA Play Hacks for Improving Social Skills

Participating in ABA play therapy is beneficial for the whole family. Working through the levels of play will help introduce social skills where your child may need to improve. ABA play methods work best when you help your child use them in all environments. Don’t worry, we have a few life hacks to help!

Creating your own books is a fantastic way to introduce new people, situations, or places. By using drawings and words that are developmentally appropriate for your child, you can create personal books that help them learn new social skills, know what to expect on an upcoming outing, and more. Some of your books can even give you a chance to help your child practice for situations. Try practicing a social skill that may have been a struggle at your last playdate. Use methods consistent with what he may be learning during ABA play therapy, such as interactive play.

There are even sensory-friendly places that offer opportunities for your child to interact with others and practice social skills. AMC offers movie viewings with low volume, additional lighting, and the opportunity for children to wander, dance, and play during the movie. Theme parks such as Sesame Place have even created rides that match the abilities or accommodations your child may need. Their friendly staff are knowledgeable and certified, and the park offers areas and rooms for children with ASD who may need to take a break. It’s a fantastic option for your next family vacation.

From finding ways to implement a new ABA play therapy or social skill to making sure your family is on the same page, there’s definitely a hack out there that can help you. Hearing from parents who have perfected their own life hacks is an amazing way to experiment and find what may work well for your family. To learn more about services and resources that can help your child thrive, contact us today!

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