Programs & Services

Blossom offers a variety of intensive programs and individualized services for children up to age 8.
Any of our services may be provided in-home. Ask a Blossom Representative about your options.

  • In-Home & In-Clinic ABA Therapy

  • Speech & Language Therapy

  • Intensive Toilet Training

  • Occupational Therapy

  • ESDM & ABA Therapy

  • School Transitions & IEP Support

  • Counseling

  • Summer Camps & Clubs

  • Behavioral Consulting

  • Music Therapy & Private Classes

The Blossom Method Explained

Our therapists implement a combination of evidenced-based approaches to maximize progress for each child.

Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a behavioral therapy approach proven-effective for young children with autism. Our parents and team use play, natural routines, and individualized activities to build positive and fun relationships. These are used to foster growth in communication and cognitive skills.

Pivotal Response Training (PRT) targets “pivotal” areas of a child’s development. These include motivation, self-management, and the initiation of social interactions. By targeting these critical areas, PRT will produce broad improvements across other areas of sociability, communication, behavior and academic skill building.

Direction Instruction (DI) is a teacher-directed model of effective teaching. DI curriculum and teaching methods have been proven highly effective for language, attention, engagement and academic skill development in preschool and school-aged children with autism.